About us

Dutch Flower House Inc. started its greenhouse production in the year 2000. Its founders, Jaap & Pauline van Staalduinen, decided to start with an unfamiliar crop for Northern America, flowering patio plants in topiary forms. This particular crop had become very popular in Europe during the nineties and was expected to have enough potential to do well here as well. That turned out to be true and the company extended its program in more sizes and varieties every year.

Dutch Flower House is specialized in growing a wide assortment of patio plants in all kind of shapes and sizes. Mostly flowering trees, but also some herb varieties are created as standards or bush in pot-sizes from 6″ till 18″. Heights vary from 14″ – 60″.

This website might give you an idea of the possibilities Dutch Flower House has to offer. Our products are available through garden centers and flower shops. For information about plants or sales locations, please contact us by email.