Now that you have had a whole summer to enjoy your patio plant, you want to ensure that you can enjoy it again next summer. Patio plants cannot survive frost so to keep your plant for another year, you need to bring it inside and place it in a frost-free environment. During this time the plant will go into a hibernating stage.

In addition to bringing the patio plant inside and keeping it away from the frost, place it in a cool spot of your home where the temperature is approximately 7°C (45°F). When the plant is in its hibernating stage, it may drop all of its leaves and look as if it has died. A plant that has few leaves or no leaves at all does not need much water. Water it moderately so that the roots do not dry out and make sure not to overwater the plant.

In March, move the plant to a warmer area with more light and you will see new growth starting again. At the end of April/early May the patio plant will need to be transplanted. Add some clay to the soil to help hold on to more moisture and make sure that the new pot has a hole in the bottom to drain any excess water.

Now you can enjoy another summer with your patio plant and repeat the process next year.