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The Abutilon (Flowering Maple) is a part of the Malvaceae, or Mallow, family. The Abutilon originated in South America but it now grows in the wild all over the world in approximately 150 species of its own. It comes in a variety of different colours such as red, orange,and yellow.

The Abutilon will grow and flower in a spot sheltered from the wind. Do not place it in a spot with full sunlight. If you leave an Abutilon in direct sunlight for too long, it will make the leaves curl and eventually it will lose it’s leaves altogether. The Abutilon is especially well suited for a balcony or terrace.Water the Abutilon on a regular basis and fertilize every two weeks. The fertilizer will ensure the Abutilon to flower throughout the spring, summer and fall. Remove any dead flowers and seedpods to promote blooming. To keep the shape of the Abutilon, cut the new, longer shoots back without cutting into the old branches. The Abutilon is not winter hardy.

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Orange, Red, Yellow