Flowering Basil

Product Description

Flowering Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) 

Basil is the common name used for Ocimum Basilicum. The Basil is a part of the Lamiaceae family and is originally from India. This variety is an abundantly flowering basil which will boom the whole summer until the first frost. Although Basil is commonly used as a culinary herb, this Basil has been grown for decoration purposes.

Where to place the Basil
Place the Basil in a spot where it will receive a lot of light, but not too much direct  sunlight. A spot on a terrace, balcony or border would be most suitable.

Taking care of the Basil
Water the Basil on a regular basis, keeping the soil moist. During the summer, the Basil should be fertilized every two weeks or if using a slow release fertilizer, twice during the season.

If the plant grows out of shape, or becomes too wild, cut it back and it will show re-growth fast and begin flowering again within 3-4 weeks (during the growing season). Removing any dead flowers will keep the plant beautiful and compact.

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