Fuchsia Planter

Product Description


Fuchsia is a genus of flowering plants with almost 110 recognized species of Fuchsia. The majority are native to South America with a few occurring through Central America to Mexico and some even in New Zealand and Tahiti. The Fuchsia is known to be a plant that flowers abundantly. They come in many colours, and almost always are bi-colour, meaning the flower is usually two colours. Pinks and purples are the most common colours for Fuchsia flowers.

Where to place the Fuchsia
The Fuchsia does well in a protected, light spot without any direct sunlight. Places like this are best found on the terrace or balcony and in a few areas of the garden.

Taking care of the Fuchsia
The soil of the Fuchsia should be kept moist at all times, which requires regular watering. Do not overwater the plant. Every two weeks the Fuchsia should be fertilized with a standard fertilizer, if using a slow release fertilizer, use it twice during the summer season.

Remove any dead flowers to promote blooming. Cut back any long, new shoots to keep the Fuchsia compact.

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