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The Lantana is part of the Verbenaceae family, commonly known as the verbena or vervain family. It is a family of mainly tropical flowering plants that includes shrubs, trees, and herbs. The Lantana is originally from South-America. It is one of the easiest container plants and comes in different colours such as orange and yellow. It is one of the easier patio plants and will bloom all summer long.

Where to place the Lantana
The Lantana can be placed in a sunny spot on a terrace, balcony or in the garden.

Taking Care of the Lantana
Water the Lantana moderately, avoiding drying out the roots completely. In the growing season, fertilize every two weeks, or if using a slow release fertilizer, two times a season.

Regularly remove any dead flowers or berries. Cut back longer branches but leave at least 2-3 leaf pairs. The plant will form new growth and flower all summer long.

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