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The Pentas Lanceolata belongs to the Rubiaceae family. Rubiaceae are a family of flowering plants, also called the coffee family. The group contains many well known plants, including the coffee plant (Coffea), Gambier, and Gardenia. The Pentas originated in Northeast Africa and Egypt. The word Pentas is derived from Penta, which means five, because of the star-shaped flower. The generic name ‘Lanceolata’ refers back to the elongated leaves (lanceolate). The Pentas come in red and pink and is also a great attraction for butterflies.

Where to place
The Pentas loves the sun. You can place it somewhere in a sunny spot with occasional shade and preferably some protection from harsh winds.

Taking Care of the Pentas
During the growing and flowering season the Pentas should be watered regularly, keeping the soil moist. Do not over-water this plant. It should also be fed with fertilizer once a week or more. To avoid the plant using its energy for seed formation, it is best to remove dead flowers. This will redirect the plants energy to forming new buds.

The newly formed shoots can be topped regularly to maintain the plants compact shape.

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