Product Description

Tibouchina Urvilleana (AKA Princess Flower)

Tibouchina is a genus of about 350 species of Neotropical plants in the Melastomataceae family. The Tibouchina Urvilleana, also known as the Princess Plant, is native to Brazil.

Where to place the Tibouchina
The Tibouchina will do well in a light, partly sun (morning sun), partly shaded spot on the terrace, balcony or garden. It should also be a spot where it will be protected from the wind.

Taking care of the Tibouchina
The Tibouchina does best in an acidic soil (pH 5). Water the Tibouchina regularly to keep the soil moist at all times and fertilize once every two weeks.

Unless you find the Tibouchina is getting too large to your liking, pruning is not necessary.

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